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Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated and helps support Democratic values and our candidates. Donations go to candidate support, office rental during election season, mailing brochures to Democrats, and fundraising efforts. Thank You for supporting LCD!  Learn how you can easily donate to our cause by visiting our Donate page.  

Volunteer with Us

Lee County Democrats, like you, support the Democratic Party in many different ways. Volunteer opportunities are available year round or during campaign seasons.

  • Serving as Secretary
  • Helping with the Newsletter, Website or Facebook
  • Post card writing
  • Parade marching
  • Serving as a Poll Watcher
  • Serving as an Appointed Precinct Committee Person
  • Delivering Candidate Yard Signs
  • Displaying Candidate Yard Signs
  • Writing a Letter to the Editor
  • Serving as an Election Judge
  • Door dropping candidate literature
  • Addressing and Mailing Candidate Literature
  • Assisting the Get Out the Vote/Party Building Committee
  • Assisting the Fundraising Committee
  • Phone banking
  • Other Skills

Please complete our volunteer form if you would be interested in taking action.

Write a Letter to the Editor

A few tips for writing a good letter to the editor:

  • Refer to a recent event in your community or to a recent article. This dramatically increases the chances that your letter will be run.
  • Be prompt! If you wait too long your topic will be old news.
  • Your letter may be edited, so get to the point early. Be concise.  Don’t bury your point inside a lengthy argument.
  • Avoid appearing too emotional—limit your exclamation points and by all means don’t use insulting language.
  • A letter to the editor should be anywhere between 150 – 300 words, but aim to keep it around 250. Check with your publication about length, frequency and candidate restrictions.
  • If you can, use local statistics and personal stories to illustrate your point.
  • Sign the letter, and include your phone number, address and email as well. Many papers won’t print letters unless they can call the author to verify he or she wrote it.
  • When emailing your letter, be sure to use “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line.

 Local Papers

Sauk Valley Media, mail to 113 S. Peoria Ave., Dixon, IL, 61021, or email to letter@saukvalley.com.

The Ashton Gazette, mail to 813 Main St., Ashton, IL, 61006, or email myoung@ashtongazette.com.

The Amboy News Guidelines, drop off at 245 E. Main Street, mail to P.O. Box 162, Amboy, IL 61310, or email to tgreenfield@amboynews.com

Subscribe to Our Email List

Subscribe to our email list for updates about the Lee County Illinois Democratic Party and important election information.

Become a Precinct Committeeperson
Serving as a precinct committeeperson is one of the most basic and fulfilling ways to help the Democratic Party.  Precinct Committeepersons work to build and educate the voting base.  They spread Democratic values by promoting candidates and educating voters on political issues.  Precinct Committeepersons attend general meetings of the Lee County Democrats to stay informed about candidates, elections and party issues and to share concerns from residents.

Precinct Committeepersons serve 2 year terms.  They may be elected in the primary election or appointed by the County Democratic Chair if no committeeperson is serving in a precinct.  They elect the County Democratic Chair, serve on committees, assist with fundraising, coordinate efforts within their precinct, and assist the Lee County Democrats in events.

To become an elected precinct committeeperson of the precinct where you live, a petition must be picked up from the Lee County Elections Department.  The required number of signatures must be collected from registered voters in your precinct and returned by the deadline to the County Elections Department.  If you are interested or have more questions, please contact the Chair of the Lee County Democrats.

Become a Candidate

Would you consider or are you interested in being an elected officer?  In Lee County alone, we elect a wide range of positions.  In cities and villages, we elect mayors and presidents, trustees, alderman, council members, treasurers and clerks.  We elect some library board trustees and park district commissioners.  Townships have elected supervisors, clerks, highway commissioners and trustees, as well as tax assessors or multi-township assessors.  All 28 school districts and regional school boards elect members and trustees.  Some fire protection districts elect trustees.  Precinct Committeepersons may be elected for all 49 precincts in the county.  Six County Board members are elected in each of the 4 districts.  County elected offices include County Clerk, Treasurer, State’s Attorney, Coroner, Circuit Clerk, and Sheriff.  Circuit Judges are elected and retained.

Depending on the office being sought, party declaration may not need to be made.  The process generally starts by seeking a petition from the Election Department at the County Clerk’s office in the published timeframe, usually early fall.  The number of signatures required per petition varies with the position being sought.  Petitions are signed by registered voters and returned to the County Clerk’s office before the deadline, usually early winter.  The amount of campaigning required is as varied as the elected positions.

  • If you are interested in running for an elected position and have questions, please call the County Clerk’s Election Department at 815/288-3309.
  • For Democratic positions, please contact your Democratic precinct committeeperson or the Lee County Democratic chairperson.  The Lee County Democrats support candidates and their campaigns in a variety ways.
  • Not interested in running for an elected office?  Show your support of others who are running by signing their petitions, promoting Democratic candidates, and voting.
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