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National Democratic Officials

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State Democratic Officials

JB Pritzker, Governor Website Follow on Facebook Follow on Twitter
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Lee County Board

Dave Bally

Dave Bally was born and raised in Lee County. He lives in the rural Dixon area where he represents District 3 on the County Board. He has been a member of Carpenters Local 790 for more than 45 years.


Kasey Considine

Kasey Considine is a former, longtime officer of the Lee County Democrats.  He and his family live in the Amboy area.  He serves District 2 on the County Board which encompasses the entire eastern half of the county.


2022 Candidates

Would you consider or are you interested in being an elected officer in the future?  Visit our Take Action page to learn more. 

Learn about your 2022 Democratic Candidates below:

U.S. House Illinois District 16

  • Elizabeth “Lisa” Haderlein is the Democratic candidate for the Illinois 16th Congressional District. She is currently the Executive Director of the Land Conservancy of McHenry County, serves as an Alderwoman for the city of Harvard, and is on the Harvard City Library Board.  She has been the Democratic precinct committee person for Chemung 1 in McHenry County off and on since 2006.  She served on the Harvard Zoning Board of Appeals, hosted two different community radio shows, and has served on the Prairie State Conservation Coalition including as president in 2015.  Prior to living in Harvard, Illinois, Lisa lived in West Peoria where she was the Director of Planning and Zoning for Peoria County. She holds an MS in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont in Natural Resources.  Her BA is from Wellesley College in Art History.  She also has a certificate in nonprofit management from the University of Illinois – Chicago.  She has been married to Tom Cubr since 1987.  Visit for more information.

Illinois 15th District Judicial Circuit Court Judge

  • Karla M. Niemann is the Democratic candidate for the 15th Judicial Circuit Court. The 15th Circuit is comprised of Stephenson, Jo Daviess, Carroll, Ogle and Lee Counties.  Born and raised in Freeport, Illinois, Karla has lived in Stephenson County most of her life aside from her years in college and law school.  Karla received a BS degree from Northern Illinois University and graduated from the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida where she was a research assistant for Thomas Hornsby, a retired Dixon, IL attorney. She has worked for the State’s Attorney’s office in Stephenson County, for a private practice law firm and for the last four years has owned her own law firm: Law Office of Karla M. Niemann.  Karla serves her community in a variety of volunteer positions including as an active member of the Freeport Noon Kiwanis Club since 2007.  She promises that she will bring ethics, experience, and commitment to the position of judge of the circuit court.  Visit for more information.

U.S. Senate Illinois

 Governor/Lieutenant Governor of Illinois

  • B. Pritzker/Juliana Stratton (incumbent), visit for more information

  Attorney General of Illinois

Illinois Secretary of State

 Illinois Treasurer

 Illinois Comptroller

 Lee County Board District 1 

  • Emily Rose is running for Lee County Board because it is a new opportunity to serve her community. She is interested in improving the mental health services available in Lee County.   Emily is a teacher in Amboy and an EMS captain with the Amboy Fire Protection District.  She is experienced in working with others in a service capacity.

Lee County Board District 1 

  • David McCarver is running for County Board because he thinks our County Board can improve infrastructure maintenance, the quantity of good-paying jobs, and transparency.  McCarver believes that attracting good-paying jobs to Lee County is a top priority. He says neighboring counties land big projects as part of their economic development plans (the Meta facility in DeKalb County).  He believes Lee County could do more.  “Our County has a talented, educated, and hard-working workforce that any developer or business would be lucky to have.”  Since he graduated college, he has worked for candidates, elected officials, and community organizations.   He listens to people’s concerns and seeks solutions to their problems.  On the County Board, he will continue this practice to ensure those he represents are heard.

Lee County Board District 1 

  • David Bingaman is running for a seat on the Lee County Board so he can bring in financial resources to county residents who need help to live healthier and happier lives. Bingaman has over 46 years of work experience at the federal, state, and local levels.   He holds a B.A. in Sociology, a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and a Master’s Degree in public policy analysis.  He has extensive experience in writing successful grants and administering them.  He served as a federal health official in the Great Lakes region and will be a tremendous asset to the health department as well as other departments in Lee County.

Lee County Board District 2 

  • Kasey Considine looks forward to continuing his work on the County Board. He takes pride in the accomplishments of the committees on which he’s served.  While serving on the Properties Committee he was able to assist in the procurement of a new animal control facility.  Every year he served on the Finance Committee they had a balanced budget and were also able to pass the construction of the Law Enforcement Center.  During his time on the Transportation/Solid Waste Committee, he helped rewrite the County’s Solid Waste Plan and created a plan to use capital project funds to replace aged equipment yearly.  Most recently, Considine helped rewrite the Lee County Board Handbook and create a renewable energy ordinance.  He feels there is still more to do to move the county forward and believes he is the right person to assist in that journey.

Lee County Board District 3 

  • David J Bally believes he can serve the county by offering his experience and serving as a representative for the voters. His fifty years as a carpenter and lifelong residency in the area gives him a unique perspective to serve on the County Board.  With his experience in construction and maintenance, his primary objective is to provide input for efficient and effective properties management.  He has served on the committees of Renewable Energy and Claims and is the current Vice Chair of the Properties Committee.  He is proud of the new Renewable Energy Plan ordinance he helped draft with public and professional input.  Bally was elected in 2018 and would appreciate the opportunity to continue his service on the County Board.

Lee County Board District 3 

  • Randy Joe Lilly is running for the first time.

Lee County Board District 4 

  • Deidre Thomas hopes to use her background to bring a fresh perspective to the Board. Deidre has worked in community outreach and enjoys helping older adults find their voices by telling stories of their youth and the differences they see between then and now.    She is also interested in a renewed focus on empowering local youth and helping them see their value in our community.   Deidre currently serves on the Community Engagement Committee of the School Board.
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